Summer Time

Now is the perfect time to install your garden audio system.

With control via your phone or iPad music will be played throughout your garden.

Garden Audio System

Our outdoor music systems are designed to envelop the garden area with high-end sound quality without upsetting the neighbours.


If you have two main speakers on the house wall you need to turn these up loud for people to hear sound at the bottom of the garden. By having speakers throughout the garden you don’t have to crank the volume up for all to hear. Of course if you have a party with friends and family you can!

Depending on your garden whether a traditional one of large with a pool we offer high quality sound in the listening area.

Our systems come with the added benefit of helping to keep music contained to give you and your neighbours the best of both worlds.

A typical garden system would consist of speakers, subwoofer and Amplification.

To add value to your garden space call us for more details and pricing.

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